Words matter!

I only needed about two solid hours to complete my book chapter summaries, so I went to “my” Starbucks to do two hours of focused work.

There were no private tables available, so I went to a long table that had an electrical outlet for my computer cord, but nowhere to rest my legs on the tall stool. I can live with that for two hours.

But, what I found I can’t live with is the guy next to me with cool ear phones talking to “whomever.” I have no idea who, or even if, he was talking to someone.

I got up to order some green tea, (after staring at and considering the bagel holes with cream cheese), and saw that my coffee shop “neighbor” was playing a game on his computer and is evidently talking to himself…or the screen…and almost every other word he utters starts with the letter “f.”

I really did try to tune him out as I can usually tune out music playing overhead…or even people talking at nearby tables. But, the vibrational energy of his f-words did affect my energy. So, words do matter.

This may seem like an extreme example, but I can assure you, that “words” are pivotal in creating your business success, your authentic voice, your brand messaging, the way in which you see the world, and the way you treat others.

I’m re-reading the book, Power vs. Force, by David Hawkins. And this morning, I read a passage of the book where Hawkins can actually quantify a specific word, sentence, paragraph, or book on the vibrational energy whose results say the words are life enhancing or life non-enhancing for you.

So, it’s no wonder, between my reading this morning and listening to the words of my coffee shop “neighbor” that I’m now in the mood to start writing my chapter on one of the 7 Quantum Synchronicity® Principals: Thoughts.

Since my Thoughts are comprised of my words, I am on a mission to have my words matter…for clarity and inspiration to the reader.

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