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7x best selling author Ruth Klein’s books including her latest Amazon best-seller; Generation Why Not?®: 7 Principles to a Purposeful Business and Life, Driven by Attitude, Not Age

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Generation Why Not?®

Generation Why Not?® lays out 7 Principles that many highly successful people hold as their core beliefs about business and life. They know it’s not about your age, your gender, or your background—it’s about your attitude.

time management for women

Time Management Secrets

Time Management Secrets for Working Women: Getting Organized to Get the Most Out of Each Day

The only system designed for everything that today’s modern women handle.

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The De-Stress Diva’s Guide to Life

When you feel stressed out, you don’t have the time or energy to completely overhaul every aspect of your life. You need help for what’s bothering you right now—and you need it right away! You need the De-Stress Diva.

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Manage Your Time, Market Your Business

Does time really equal money? According to time management expert Ruth Klein, the answer is a surprising no. When you’re out of money, you can usually find ways to get more. But that’s not true when you’re out of time.

everything book

The Everything Guide

Successful selling is much more than qualifying prospects and making calls. If you’re planning on entering the exciting field of sales, The Everything Guide to Being a Sales Rep is your unique career handbook, with constant “keep positive reminders” and practical applications throughout.

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Where Did the Time Go?

Klein presents a workable three-part system to bring order and organization to the countless hours juggled between career expectations, personal and family needs. Her practical tips are oriented to making the most of the precious minutes of every day in order to streamline work lives, gain a sense of control, turn Monday mania into Monday management, and more.


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"Ruth Klein's book writing program was a critical part of my success. If you are planning to write your first book, I strongly encourage you make Ruth part of your plan. Her expertise and encouragement will ensure your success!"

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