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fireworks-228x300Are you feeling exhausted working in their business? Do you feel as though you’re spending way too much time for the little amount of satisfaction and financial gain you’re receiving from your time and efforts?

This is a common challenge among entrepreneurs! What if I told you that it doesn’t have to be so hard, time-consuming, energy draining and expensive to be in your business…there’s a much easier and more fulfilling way to attract your ideal clients.

It just takes a few tweaks to make a big difference if something in your business is not working…or if you’re wanting to get better results.

You may be familiar with the Japanese business term, Kaizen. The principle of Kaizen is that the super successful Japanese businesses look to make very small tweaks…little changes to their business every day. The primary idea is that a little tweak everyday makes a huge difference at the end of a week, month, six months, year and years.

To have Kiazen work effectively, you want to be mindful daily of the actions you take, thoughts you think and what you say to yourself during the day.

Yes, this takes skill…in fact, this is what I believe business mastery is all about…being mindful of everything you think, do and create.

So, here are some steps you can start taking today to make that little shift that has a big Influence on your business over time.

Step One: Take Inventory of What is Working and What is Not

This seems so obvious and yet, many entrepreneurs spend a lot of their day worrying or obsessing over what is not working…rather than being in “reactive mode,” try “observation mode.” Think of yourself as a business detective looking for each part of your business that is working and what is not.

Here are some areas of your business you may want to consider:

Marketing: Emails that go out; facebook ads, sales letters, video content, etc.

Operations: What is the flow of your business tasks – administrative, payments, when and who is answering your emails, etc.

Customer Service: Are client and potential client’s emails being answered within a certain amount of time you have deemed to be appropriate? What are the “touchpoints” (how often and how do you keep in touch with your clients? Your community?) that you are using right now with your community, including your social media community?

Step Two: Look at what is not working and decide if it needs to be tweaked, or let it go.

If you have looked at several areas of your business and you have slightly tweaked different strategies and they are still not working…. let them go!! I find that entrepreneurs get “attached to a strategy” and keep trying to make it work. Be mindful as you listen to your clients’ and community’s feedback.

Your strategies are either working or they’re not…one thing in business is for sure, when something is not working, cut your losses and let it go!

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