Is it Time to Refresh Your Spirit?

I had a most interesting thought yesterday: “I need to take three weeks off and refresh my Spirit.”

Wow! What does that even mean?

At first, I was really confused by this “intuitive hit.” After all, I didn’t feel like “escaping” for a few weeks from everything that I have going on. In fact, I really appreciate where my life and business are right now. So, what was this all about with “refreshing my Spirit?”

As it turns out, I just need – and want – time to do nothing but reconnect with myself and my friends, make new friends, chat over coffee, chat over a great glass of wine and just C-H-I-L-L! My Spirit just wants to BE…no pressure, no time restraints…just, plain old-fashion connection, day after day after day!

I’m not talking about going to a Spa and relaxing…that happens when I’m feeling over-taxed. I’m not feeling over-taxed. That is why, I believe, this seems so paradoxical to me.

The more I thought about refreshing my Spirit, I realized that as much as I enjoy the path my life is on right now, I have only paid a little attention to my Spirit…My free-spirited little Ruthie. The one that would go to Disneyland right now, if I had a fun friend to go with. The little Ruthie that wants to go on the new train extension from Santa Monica to downtown LA, randomly get off at a stop and be open for the adventure that unfolds.

Uncovering this even further, I realize that my life is quite structured. It’s not that all my time is planned out from morning til night. The truth is, I have a lot of “open” time most days from 4pm on and almost all weekends. So, it’s not about pulling away for more time.

Here’s my question to you: “What is your Spirit saying to you right now?”

Not your ego, that says you “have to” be practical, etc., but your free-spirited self? And, are you open to refreshing her/him?

Until next time…be Brilliant and Courageous…Why Not?

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