Three Myths that Block Momentum and How to Crush Them

Why is it so difficult to get going … get our “mojo” or momentum back during these disruptive times?

There are many myths about taking action that block our best efforts. Here are three.

First, there’s the myth “I have to work hard and all the time.”

The mind and body are not set up to be working all the time. Think of the last time you had a great idea … was it while in the shower …. was it on vacation…was it taking a walk?

One of the best times to get great insights or downloads as to what to do next and even finding a solution to a problem is when you’re more relaxed … both mentally and physically.

You may be asking why that is?

It can be traced back to the fight or flight syndrome … when you’re tense, worried, or feeling overwhelmed, the body and mind are set up to take care of the immediate “danger.”

Relaxation, meditation, vacations, showers allow for the free flow of thoughts without the fear response.

It doesn’t have to be hard…doesn’t have to take every waking minute to keep going … resistance with our thoughts and beliefs

The second myth is, “What’s wrong with me that I just don’t have the energy to get my work done.”

This myth is one that will undermine anything that you’re trying to achieve. I like to call it, “Shame on you.” Nothing good comes from deflating yourself or making yourself feel ‘less than.’

Think about it for a moment- would you “talk” to your child the way you condemn yourself at times?

One of the basic management and leadership skills is to keep your staff motivated. And one of the most effective motivators that exists is positive reinforcement.

So, taking a note from positive reinforcement … what can you focus on that you do well? Have you been exercising? Cooking? Spending more time with family?

Whatever you come up with, focus on that. You want to be able to “break the downward cycle” of berating yourself.

Myth three is what I refer to as “Just stay busy and momentum will come.”

The truth is, busywork will only frustrate you more at the end of the day because you’ll feel as though you haven’t really accomplished anything important.

So, here’s something to replace the “busywork” that you can do that only takes 3 minutes. Put on some dancing music and dance, swing your arms, or move to the beat.

Whatever you do, the important thing here is to move … change your physiology which will in turn change your mentality. It’s your thoughts that impact your emotions that impact your momentum.

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