Three Core Beliefs To Move Your Business and Your Finances Forward

There are three core beliefs that my successful clients focus on to move their business and their finances forward. You may not be aware of these three beliefs lurking in your subconscious…the place where I believe all of our beliefs come from, and how they may be impacting you professionally, personally, financially and spiritually.

Success_Is_Glenn_Laken_ChicagoBelief #1: You are good enough. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard talented entrepreneurs and CEO’s struggling with this one. It just amazes me because I know how talented and brilliant my clients are, and yet, there is something “blocking” them from seeing their true essence.

The belief system shows up that says, “I’m not good enough.” Or, “I don’t have enough information.” Or, ” I’m too little, too large, too this, too that and it’s not good enough”. So, belief number one that I would like you to focus on for the next thirty days is “I AM good enough.”

And at least for today if you can just start the process and have faith that you are good enough and see how that shows up for you. Identify three situations that may come up where the belief is “I’m not good enough” and then ask yourself how someone who doesn’t doubt their value would respond or handle these situations. I think you’re going to be pleasantly surprised at what comes forward.

Belief #2: You’re worth being respected. You might struggle with this by not having healthy boundaries or putting the needs of others first. Creating healthy boundaries, or not, is a huge indicator of self-worth and being respected. It shows up everywhere with money and with time.

How does this show up? You have plans and someone says, ” I need to talk to you now.” And instead of saying, “I would love to talk to you, but I have another meeting to go to or there’s something that I need to do,” your response would be, “Sure.” And as a result, you’re late to your other engagement and you’re now you’re stressed out…. you’re not a happy camper. The exact same thing happens with money and the exact same thing happens with decisions.

You might want to ask yourself if always putting the needs of others first were no longer an option for me, what would I ask for instead? I think you will be surprised with what comes forward for you.

Belief #3: You’re deserving of all good things. A third belief is centered around deservability, which is quite often wrapped around money and wrapped around time.

The opposite belief here is “I don’t deserve to be paid for my valuable gifts and talents”. Now you can see where belief three and belief one of “I’m not good enough” are partners in crime. They’re co-saboteurs. So if you don’t think you’re good enough, you’re certainly not going to think you deserve to be paid for your valuable gifts. In fact, you may not even be aware or conscious of your gifts are and if you’re not aware of your gifts, you certainly don’t see them as valuable. … nor will your clients.

We want to turn that into, “I deserve to be paid for my valuable gifts.” You have gifts of expertise, gifts of healing hearts, gifts of leadership! And it’s these very qualities and skills that make businesses great!

It behooves all of you to really become aware of who you are and the gifts that you bring to the party and your talents and your expertise and your experiences. How do you start learning what some of these gifts are? People will tell you. People are wonderful reflectors for you. They’ll say, “Oh you are such a leader.” “You have such an open heart.” “You’re such an angel.” “You took your time.” “You helped me regain me confidence.” You taught me XYZ.” All of these are indicators of your magic.

Embracing these three core beliefs takes practice. It’s a muscle that needs to be strengthened and that takes practice. And, this mental workout will pay off exponentially in the long run!

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