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Success in Motion

I’m a firm believer that of all the leadership and success qualities needed for an entrepreneur, coach, visionary, CEO, and the list goes on needs are two main characteristics….Focus and Consistency.

You might wonder why I have chosen those two rather than others? Well, it’s because these two qualities will get you to your goals faster than anything else. Period!

As I continue to work with clients in all industries I see focus and consistency as the ones that move the needle faster and more accurately!

Let’s take an example:

Janet was having issues with procrastination and low motivation. It was difficult for her to get her work done and was always feeling rushed and overwhelmed.

Needless to say, she was frenetic most of the time and came late to almost everything.

I gave her an assignment to stay focused on one thing at a time. At first it was difficult because she had so many things left undone. But then, she settled into the ONE thing.

When she was able to do that well, I had her add consistency to the mix. In other words, we set up a daily schedule/tasks for her each day of the week…and every day she would focus on one thing and do it consistently for 30 days!

We added an additional 30 days to make sure it was second nature!

Results: She is on her way to making her money goal for the year. She knows she has 4 more months and she feels as though she can do it.

I know she can do it with these two leadership qualities.

Plus, she now knows what day and time she will be putting in tasks that are important but were left behind.

She says she can now breathe and is much calmer and happier during the day.

Insight: I believe her success and many like her were based on Focus and Consistency. But, we’ve already said that. What else is going on to make these two things so successful?

Here is the success formula:

Focus = Intention Intentionally focusing on what you’re doing at that moment.

Consistency = Success in Motion     You may not see it yet, but you’re in motion…you’ve broken through procrastination and lack of momentum because you’re moving….you’re exerting energy that is required to move and that movement is working behind the scenes as “success in motion.”

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