How to Stop the Daily Stress Cycle In Minutes

In everyday life we encounter stressors of all types. It’s a natural part of your daily existence. However, not allowing the stress to continue and fester is very important to your creativity and productivity.

In the below I answer common questions about stress and share with you quick and easy ways to de-stress and stop the stress cycle in your daily routine.

How can I de-stress within a short amount of time?

being-in-well-beingWe often think we have to go away on vacation to de-stress, but that’s simply not true. There are many quick and simple things you can do during the course of the day to de-stress.

  1. First, check in every couple of hours to monitor your stress level; what is your stress thermometer looking like right now? This only takes a few seconds.

  1. Walk for five minutes, taking deep breaths in and exhaling deep breaths out while you’re walking. You can take a quick walk outside or inside your space. When you are under a lot of stress, physiologically you can’t think clearly and creatively. Walking will help the oxygen circulate to your brain and open up your creativity.
  1. If you work from a home office, taking a quick five minute shower is also an excellent way to de-stress.
  1. Aromatherapy, such as with a lavender lotion, will also help to stop the stress cycle.

How do I get constant worrying out of my mind?


When you are worried, you are not present and miss great opportunities with your family, friends, finances and business. Too much time is wasted obsessing, so you want to get those thoughts out of your mind and onto paper.

Carry around a notebook or journal in order to jot down what is worrying you. This can help you to get what’s causing you anxiety throughout the day out of your system. Write down everything you’re worried about.

Then, ask yourself, “Is this really true?” And then inquire, “Can I be absolutely sure this is true?” Much of what we are stressed about is not real; they’re past triggers. Often we amplify what’s eating at us, making proverbial mountains out of molehills. Asking these questions stops the stress cycle in its tracks. Introspection presses the pause button on those obsessive thoughts and allows your inner self to be present.

What are some of the ways to get rid of my anger?


First, recognize that the body does not appreciate excessive amounts of anger. Your thoughts and our anger emit chemicals in your body that are toxic. Understand that it’s okay to be angry, but you want to transcend the anger.

Doing something physical is the best way to go beyond your anger. Anger is really just negative intense energy so you want to match it with positive intense energy.

Here are some easy physical ways to transcend your anger:

  1. Jump rope, counting how many skips you are doing.
  2. Do jumping jacks, counting how many of these exercises you’re doing.
  3. Hit some tennis balls or throw tennis balls.

How do I rise above the distractions I find myself in every day?

ruth kleinNowadays we have endless interruptions that incessantly disrupt our focus and flow of concentration — email, cell phones, texting, Internet, social media…. You really have to make a conscious choice to turn some of these devices and diversions off at various intervals.

Here are some suggestions for different times of the day:


I love to filter out the first two hours of the day. This allows me to start the day calmly doing what I know needs to be done.

  • Do not watch the news in the morning or listen to the radio. Instead, feed yourself positive thoughts and do not get distracted by what’s happening in the news or the radio.
  • Do not check email during the first hour of the day.
  • Do not check your cell during the first hour of the day.


  • Unplug for 30-45 minutes in the afternoon. If you work from home, it takes a great deal of discipline, to turn off those iPhones, iPads, computers, smart phones, et al, but do it anyway. Remember that if you don’t get rid of the stress, stress is a form of energy that will stay in your body and mind. (And too much stress may get rid of you…)
  • Every 30 minutes or so close your eyes and think of a blessing. Eyes are not meant to be looking at computer or TV screens all day. This will not only relieve eyestrain, but will also stop any negative cycle that’s happening.
  • Write affirmations or intentions ten times per day. This will bring you to a higher frequency that will attract positive solutions and feelings.
  • When something happens during the day and it’s not exactly what you planned, stop and ask yourself, “Where’s the gift?” Just by asking the right questions you’ll end up with the right answers. Be in charge of the direction of your thoughts and your day, instead of letting the day control you.


  • Don’t check your email at the end of the day.
  • Turn off the computer in the evening. If you find yourself on your computer every evening, it’s not productive and often leads to major burnout. There is no joy in that.
  • Don’t watch the news at night before you go to bed. The negativity that you hear activates the brain adversely and impacts your sleep patterns.

How do I get started on a project I’ve been postponing?

Procrastination and postponement is resistance. Just start writing what the project is and then write down all the reasons you have not started yet. This will help you find out where the resistance is coming from.

The best way to push through resistance is action, so what you can do is break the project down into very small steps. Find three things you can do to start moving forward. Movement creates confidence, so starting with three doable steps will release your resistance and procrastination.

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