If your phone could talk, what would it say?

I used to think that Mercury in Retrograde was something my daughter believed that gave her “permission” as an “excuse” for communication mishaps. It’s not that I didn’t believe her, it was just that I am so results-oriented that I believe we create our own world. What I forgot to realize is that Universal Energy does play a part in our co-creation.

I now am a firm believer!!!…as of yesterday.

Yesterday morning I had a great check-in call with my awesome assistant, Melissa, and was planning to take a walk. I was in the elevator and one of the visitors didn’t realize that the elevator security code was on. As I was helping her decode the code, my phone dropped.

Next thing I knew, I had dropped my phone down a very slim space in the elevator that went down to the first floor…I was on the 10th!!

I do believe in miracles…I really do. And so I thought, there may be a chance miracle that my phone landed on something soft.

As the workers retrieved my phone, I went for my walk…all the while, not believing that I had dropped my phone down an elevator shaft after living in my building for nearly 14 years…really??

I was able to release some of the “unbelievable” energy on my walk and then what came forward was, “This is an opportunity for you to detach from your phone. You have become addicted to looking at texts and emails on your phone and it is wasting your valuable time and energy.”

The phone went on to say, “You have created a new time paradigm of 2-4-3. You have to give up your phone addiction for this to work.”

Let me explain: my 2-4-3 new time paradigm is spending the first two hours in the morning with my ritual of journaling, organizing my day, allowing for answers to come to questions I proposed the day or night before…all while sipping my deliciously strong cup of coffee – ½ organic and ½ decaffeinated (water process vs chemical process).

Four hours of focused time of writing, marketing, client follow-up, program development, blogging, etc.

And, three hours of errands and/or doing something fun for the day.

After that, I can do more follow-up or not! This is a perfect new schedule for me, one in which I started the day before and did “observe” how much time I did waste looking at texts, email, etc. while in my “Focused Four Hours.”

The Universe came to my “rescue,” helping me go “cold turkey” on my phone addiction…so, that I could start creating a new and life serving habit!

You may be wondering how I functioned during the day without a phone…no calls, no phone numbers, no texts. I will be honest. At first, it put me in a complete tailspin! Did that help the situation? Absolutely not! I actually observed how “discombobulated” I was.

I’ve learned through Spiritual Psychology, that the “way you take care or deal with an issue” is the issue!

Then, slowly…very slowly, might I add…I was able to “see” from another vantage point.

I realized that my phone numbers were backed up on google contacts; I could use another phone to listen to my voicemail (didn’t even remember my voicemail password, it had been so long since I used another phone to check them), was grateful that I still had a landline that I use as a dedicated fax number for incoming calls, but can still make outgoing calls; and how supported I am by the Universe and with my “Support Team.”

My computer genius, Ron, found out I had insurance on the phone (first time ever!); ordered another phone and had it shipped to my office the next morning…today!!

But wait, there’s more! My incredible team supporter, Ron, emailed me that my iPhone arrived 10 minutes ago to my building. Even though I asked the security personnel to contact me when they package arrived, they did not.

Now, that is a supportive team!

After all of this, here are 5 things I’d like to share with you:

1. If your phone could talk, what would it say to you? Just ask it, seriously! You will be surprised at what comes forth.

2. Have you become “addicted” to your phone, by constantly checking your messages, email, who has called you? Chances are the answer to that is “yes.” Any addiction is something that interferes with your life: personal or work…including wasted energy, money, time and focus!

3. Do you have a “ringer” that notifies you of your messages for texts, calls and emails? Turn them off!!

4. How would you function if you didn’t have your cell phone for a day…do you have your numbers backed up where you can access them easily? Do you have a google voice phone number, just in case?

5. Do you have a Support Team available at any time if your phone goes down an elevator shaft…or your computer goes down? If not, this is a top priority for you if you’re in business, have children, aging parents, etc. in saving a lot of money, hassles, time, and energy.

My intention is to keep my cell phone in the car until noon…or at least, until I meet my four focused hours of work. Want to join me? Let me know if you do.

Until next time…Be open to possibility…Why Not?

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