Low-Hanging Fruit to Attract Your Ideal Clients Now

lowfruitThere is no reason that you can’t generate thousands of dollars each month in your business. If you’re not, you are very likely missing out on very simple opportunities to attract new clients and generate revenue.

These low-hanging fruit opportunities don’t take a lot of money or a lot of time, and they’re right in front of you.

Here are six ways that you can attract your ideal clients and start making money now:

1. Speaking: This is something that you have to bite the bullet and start doing. Get out there and start speaking. You will have to call organizations, but remember that organizations need speakers, so you are helping them out. Start at local events, associations, small groups, etc.

2. Discovery or Strategy Sessions: During these sessions, you’re helping people define a problem and get clarity, and that’s worth so much to them. You’ll find that people are grateful for the valuable advice you provide. Wherever you go, offer a complimentary discovery session.

3. Blogging: Best to blog posts three times a week…or post an article once a week. Blogging is one of the best ways to increase your search engine optimization results, so that people can find you when they search. Blogging consistently is wonderful for this! It doesn’t have to be difficult, you can share what you’ve read, share some quotes, etc. After each blog post, be sure to include an offer to schedule a complimentary Discovery Session with you.

4. Connecting Personally with Social Media Connections: LinkedIn may be your best opportunity to find clients. You can post status updates or message your connections personally. The best social media tool for you, however, depends on your business. You may find Twitter or Pinterest is best, but it all depends on your ideal client and which platform they use.

5. Three-Six Hour VIP Day: This is a great pre-cursor for ongoing coaching with you. During the VIP Day, you can structure the time to go very in-depth with your clients in their area of need. It may be a great jumpstart for them, and they can continue working with you via ongoing coaching after the VIP day.

6. Three-Six Hour Event: This could be an expert panel for three hours, or six hours and break for lunch. The structure and content varies, depending on your business, but it’s very valuable for attendees as they get great information and can ask questions, etc. This could be a free event or paid event. If it’s free, then you can offer your coaching services or sell your product at the live event.

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