Live a Life of Quantum Synchronicity™

Have you ever had something happen to you that was just too much of a coincidence to ignore?

Maybe it was something as seemingly innocuous as joking to your friends that you’ll meet someone in the bathroom at a networking event… and then actually meeting someone wonderful in the bathroom while you’re washing your hands.

Or maybe it was something as miraculous as getting hit by a car on the way to work at the precise second and the precise angle that allows you to walk away unharmed when the car is left totaled.

These coincidences are what I call “Quantum Synchronicity™”, a series of small events that line up synchronistically to create miraculous outcomes. Can you pinpoint any Quantum Synchronicity™ in your life?

Understanding Quantum Synchronicity™
These days, when most people hear the phrase “quantum leap,” they think of a big jump. They imagine a huge and unexpected breakthrough that rockets them forward – and that can feel intimidating.

Not only can the idea of a massive leap feel overwhelming and stir up resistance, or paradoxical intentions (as I’ll explain in a moment), but it’s also highly inaccurate!

When you look at physics, the word “quantum” means the smallest piece, the smallest part, the least common denominator. It is “the minimum amount of any physical entity involved in an interaction.”1

This can only mean that a “quantum leap” would actually be a very, very small leap, and living a life of Quantum Synchronicity™ would mean a series of very, very small and synchronistic events that lead to big outcomes.

A Universe of Clockwork
In our day-to-day lives, experiencing Quantum Synchronicity™ has to do with our Spirit, mindset, identity, beliefs, decisions, action, momentum and environment.

You see, the laws of the Universe work like clockwork; they’re extremely precise and responsive, like a computer. We as a society have learned to respect and honor digital laws. We know that if we’re searching for “” but we spell it as “” we won’t find what we want. The computer can only interpret the information we provide.

You must respect the laws of the computer if you wish to see a favorable outcome.

Quantum Synchronicity™ works much in the same way. How you speak and think must be in alignment with your desired outcome in order to generate results. If you don’t, the Law of Paradox comes into play.

The Law of Paradox: Yes, the Universe is listening to you. But if you’re not clear on what you want, or you really want something but you don’t believe it is possible, you end up getting zero. There are too many pulls in opposite directions, and you stay stuck in the middle.

Create Quantum Synchronicity™ in Your Life
Quantum Synchronicity™ is so complex and consuming that we are not powerful enough to make it happen on our own. However, there are steps we can take to bring ourselves closer to Spirit and more in the Universal flow.

Embrace Quantum Synchronicity™ by taking little steps consistently toward your vision for the future. The magic will show up when you check in with Spirit and feel into your intentions during the day to make sure that your small actions are in alignment with your big why.

As you step into each day, remember that there are many, many quantum pieces happening in each moment though we may not see them. They’re all working! Just because we don’t see them doesn’t mean they’re not real.

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