What is Your Intention for Your Business Brand?

A big part of your Business Brand is the experience that your clients have before working with you, while working with you and after working with you. It is the experience that they enjoy and it is important for that experience to be consistent each time you have a “touch point” with them, ie. newsletters, social media, blog posts, speeches, delivery of services and/or products, follow up, payment structure and follow up.

There’s a wonderful book entitled, The McKinsey Way. Even though the founder, James (Mac) McKinsey is no longer alive, the culture…the internal Brand and most importantly, the Intention of the Brand is similar to what it was decades ago, when it was first founded in Chicago by McKinsey.

I have always been inspired by the consulting firm, McKinsey & Company, since my son, David, worked for them out of college. I was impressed that the whole company took a day off just to review it’s values!! Interestingly enough, McKinsey is known as a CEO Factory, as many of its consultants end up running large companies.

I would like to share some insights into the McKinsey Intention of their Brand through a book review by Ethan Rasiel. Since McKinsey likes to come up with an Initial Hypothesis during their first visit on a consulting project, here is what I would refer to as a Business Intention for the company they use for each project that is value-based and consistent.

*Understanding the ‘right’ problem is the key.
*Don’t reinvent the wheel. Every problem will be similar to another; but at the same time unique.
*Don’t make facts fit into your solution
*Make sure the solution fits for your client. (A wonderful business solution is useless if the company lacks the resources to follow the advice.)
*Sometimes problems may be unsolvable (suggest alternatives)
(Ethan Rasiel)

I personally love these value-based Intentions for McKinsey.

I leave you with, “What are your top 5 Business Values and Intentions?”

Until next time…be Brilliant and Courageous…Why Not?

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