I had the pleasure of re-connecting with Jack Canfield again and it made me think…

Have you ever wondered what makes you stop …

or pulls you away from your goals? In other words, what takes you “out of the game” when it comes to your life and business goals?

Jack Canfield and I

Jack Canfield and I

What takes you out when you’re ready to write your book and nothing happens … or you start to write it and then you stop … or you give up entirely on getting your book out into the world?

I believe that our self-esteem is critical when it comes to everyday decisions, our perspective on life and business issues … and what prevents us from being the brilliant light that we are.

I remember when Jack Canfield (before he became famous with the Chicken Soup series) was actively engaged in helping others increase their self-esteem. And, here he is again over 25 years later, with his ten year anniversary updated book, The Success Principles.

I, too, am very interested in the topic of self-esteem, because I have seen how it plays a vital role in my life and in my clients’ lives. Over 25 years ago, I brainstormed with a dear friend once a week at breakfast about how we could build our children’s self esteem.

The result of those fun and insightful breakfasts (Thank you, Mona Covey!!) was the beginning of a non-profit organization called The Self-Esteem Council. Twenty-two years later, we have helped hundreds of high school students go to college when college wasn’t on their radar, better understand their relationship with their parents, and decrease school truancy substantially.

Congratulations, Jack, on continuing to carry the torch of this vital work and help inspire others to be their brilliant best!

If you’re ready and willing to get your message out into the world in the form of a book and … you’re willing to stay in the game, please connect with me for a complimentary 30-minute conversation.


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