Are you “giving up” or “surrendering” to your business?

What is the difference between “giving up” and “surrendering” to new possibilities for your business?

I had the most interesting conversation with a friend the other day. He was talking about “surrendering” to what happens in life and how that is so different than giving up.

Immediately, I thought of entrepreneurs who have given up on reaching their dreams, creating financial success, or of becoming an influencer in social media.

And, I found this topic to be of such interest to me, that I ended up writing about it in the chapter of my book titled “Intentions.” Let’s just say that is a working title for now.

So, here are my insights…

* “Giving up” is closing down hope; it’s a very low vibrational energy; it creates resistance to being open to possibility.
* “Surrendering” to what your business and the market is telling you, is staying open to options and possibility; has a much higher vibration; creates calm and acceptance.
* “Giving up” stops you while “surrendering” surprises you.

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Until next time…be Brilliant and Courageous…Why Not?

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