Five Strategies that Create a Successful Business Brand

mckinsay-wayBy Ruth Klein

I love everything about a business brand! Why? Because a successful business brand reflects the essence of the founders… and when their values are in alignment… even decades after the founder passes, the successful business brand has kept its heart and soul… the essence of the company.

One of the most successful consulting firms in the world is McKinsey Consulting. In fact, there’s a book called The McKinsey Way. It shares how McKinsey started his business based around his values.

I think it is worth mentioning that brands, like people, are living entities. Why is this important? Because, brands slightly change as a reflection of the wants and needs of its customers.

I help my clients with five strategies I believe every successful brand, large and small needs to pay attention to…

googlewhole-foodszappos1. Visual Branding – Visual Branding pays attention to color and logo design

2. Personality-Based Branding – Is your business brand more introverted or extroverted?

3. Customer-Service Branding – This is where your brand can stand out. Think Zappos (free return policy), Nordstrom (generous return policy).

4. Story Branding – Every successful brand has a story and tells a story that connects with its communities.

5. Six Senses Branding – Since a business brand is a living entity – it is important to become aware of how your brand makes your clients feel, what they experience, see and think of your business.

What is one thing you can do in your business to build up your business brand in each of these areas?
Remember… the essence of your message stays the same and your path of deliver-ability changes with the wants and needs of your community.
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Until then…
Brand Brilliantly!
Ruth Klein

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