Who Needs a Brand? Everyone, including Cities

I love everything about Branding. People have often asked me why I am such a “Branding Geek” and all I can say is that every business, product and even city has a Brand. It may not be the one that represents who you are, tells your story well, or attracts the people/buyers/readers/followers that you desire. But, you have a Brand, whether you know it or not.

For those that aren’t clear on their Brand, it goes into what I refer as the “Brand Pit.” It goes into a deep well with other brands, never really telling their story clearly, focused on who they are or sharing why they are different than others doing what they do.

Looking even further, I find psychology, why people do what they do…intrigues me to no end. It is no wonder that I have two advanced degrees in Psychology…one is clinical psychology and the other is spiritual psychology.

I also have a huge desire to understand people’s actions and thoughts, and this high level of observation and understanding has led me to where I am today…in business, personally and even in health.

When I attended UCLA, academia thought there was a distinction between mind and body. Hence, I just couldn’t get my advanced degree at a great institution that dealt with rats all day. Besides the fact, I would have had to mistreat the rats in the process…no thank you!

In today’s Wall Street Journal, there is a great article about why a city needs to create its own global brand. And what I love most about what it said, was that the reasons a city needs a brand is very similar as to why people, businesses and products need a brand: Differentiation, Visibility, Buy-in, and a Narrative that tells their Story. Is this an exhaustive list? Not at all, but it is a very good place to start.

I will guarantee you that if you don’t know clearly who you are and how to tell and share your story with others, your potential clients, including followers, won’t know either!

Here are some questions to consider as you Brand or re-Brand you, your business and/or your book. Your bottom line will appreciate it, I promise!

*What is your Identity? Do you really know who you are?
*How are you different?
*Have you told a great story?
*How are you attracting visibility online?
*How are you attracting visibility offline?
*How are you attracting your ideal clients…where are they coming from…hearing about you?
*How are you attracting supporters, affiliates, followers, and the media?

Until next time…be Brilliant and Courageous…Why Not?

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