Has your business slowed or stopped ticking?

Seemingly out of nowhere today, I thought I need to call a watch craftsman to fix two clocks; one is a grandfather clock and one is a beautiful European masterpiece clock.

In almost the same instance, I realized that both have not been ticking for years! Yes, years! And then, when I realized that they stopped around 2010, I thought of what was happening in my life at that time.

It made complete sense. It was two years after my divorce, and my business and life slowed down measurably.

What is showing up for you in your environment that is reflecting back to you that “time is standing still” in your business or your life? Why not find the mentor to get things going again?

I want to share with you a mindset…thoughts to help get your business and book sales ticking regularly again.

It goes like this…when you find yourself overwhelmed or thinking that you have to do one more thing…like marketing, or business development, or connecting with your tribe…what if you did a reframe and rather than say to yourself, “I have to do…”, you say to yourself, “I get to do…”

Can you feel the difference in your energy with these two statements, thoughts?

This reframe had an impact on me when I was at the gym and I hadn’t seen one of my gym friends for a while. Months later he came back to the gym and when I asked him where he was all that time, he said, “Ruth, I will never say I have to go to the gym again. I broke my ankle and I couldn’t go. I now say, I get to go to the gym!”

Try it for a few days and see if it gets the ticking going once again.

Until next time…be Brilliant and Courageous…Why Not?

"The Marketing Maven!"

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"Ruth's genius and experience, helped me simplify and truly enjoy what initially seemed to be a titanic task to me. I did not only get my book written in record time, Ruth completely changed my mindset about myself and my business! I created the enterprise of my dreams. Now that's a winning combination! "

Bettina Langerfeldt Prosperity Coach and Business Strategist for Women Entrepreneurs