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Generation Why Not?®

Join the ranks of Generation Why Not?®—a generation driven by attitude rather than age—to reach your dreams and goals in business and life.

Generation Why Not?® lays out 7 Principles that many highly successful people hold as their core beliefs about business and life. They know it’s not about your age, your gender, or your background—it’s about your attitude.

Through personal interviews with and observations of a diverse community of individuals ranging from multi-millionaire CEOs, to octogenarians starting new careers, to second and third do-overs, to young adults reinventing the world, author Ruth Klein offers insights and practical applications you can start using to begin to see your life and work through a new lens—one of clarity and purpose.

Once you’ve embraced the tools of Generation Why Not?®, you’ll no longer adhere to “I have to see it to believe it.” First, you’ll believe it—and then everyone will see it.

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"Ruth will guide you down the road to success. She is not only a coach but also very perceptive. She will zero in on, "your voice", nurture you and make your dream come true."

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