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The Everything Guide To Being A Sales Rep: Winning Secrets to a Successful – and Profitable – Career! (Everything┬«)

Successful selling is much more than qualifying prospects and making calls. If you’re planning on entering the exciting field of sales, The Everything Guide to Being a Sales Rep is your unique career handbook, with constant “keep positive reminders” and practical applications throughout.

Written by a seasoned-and successful-sales professional, The Everything Guide to Being a Sales Rep teaches you the proven five-prong approach to selling:

  • Identifying and following the roadmap to sales success
  • Understanding the psychology and motivation of sales
  • Clarifying goals, prospects, and customer relationships
  • Making time to sell, market, and follow up on products and services
  • Keeping a positive attitude.

With The Everything Guide to Being a Sales Rep, you’ll learn how to use two of your most valuable assets-time and energy-to create an extraordinarily dynamic and profitable selling career.

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"Ruth will guide you down the road to success. She is not only a coach but also very perceptive. She will zero in on, "your voice", nurture you and make your dream come true."

Rochelle L. Cook Relationship Coach
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