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Manage Your Time, Market Your Business

The Time-Marketing Equation

Does time really equal money? According to time management expert Ruth Klein, the answer is a surprising no. When you’re out of money, you can usually find ways to earn – or borrow – more. But when you’re an entrepreneur and you’re out of time, you can’t go to the bank. What you can do is find marketing opportunities in the midst of your time crunch that will make your business prosper in all sorts of tangible ways.

Manage Your Time/Market Your Business uncovers hidden reserves of time, and shows entrepreneurs, business owners, managers and professionals how to use them to foster better business relationships, make money, and reduce stress. As Klein points out, there are infinite ways to connect with customers during the “down time” that most people see as just another drain on their productivity. And marketing is the key.

Each chapter of Klein’s book covers a different aspect of marketing from the time management angle. From mailing lists to networking, the book is packed with wise counsel, fascinating insights, and lists to keep everything in order. It shows how you can develop a time line for business goals and ideas, stay in touch with customers, use press releases and publicity opportunities effectively, empower employees to deliver outstanding customer service, bring in new customers, foster creativity through humor, create the right image, and deal with the media.

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"Ruth will guide you down the road to success. She is not only a coach but also very perceptive. She will zero in on, "your voice", nurture you and make your dream come true."

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