Are you Living on Purpose?

I’ve been a little “pushed” for time in the last two days. This is what happens when I have two trips planned within a few days of each other. I just came back from NY for the Book Expo and the trip was one of the most productive and fun trips to NY in a while – and I am so grateful for meeting such great literary agents and book publishers!

I can tell you unequivocally that publishers are looking for new and fresh work, new authors both for fiction and non-fiction. In fact, my clients with me in NY found several interested publishers, asking them to send them their book proposal…wahoo!!!

Writing a book is such a sacred opportunity to share a story, share your life, and share your message so that others may be entertained, helped, healed or uplifted in some way.

I went to Peets Coffee this morning and chatted with a gal in line. She was charming, delightful and bright. When she told me what she did for a living, I guess I wasn’t excited. Her response was, “I don’t think what I do is consistent with how you see me.” I was surprised that my body language showed that!!!

My response to her: “I think what you are doing is great, although I have a sense there’s something else you’d rather be doing…something that excites you and would be living your passion.”

She began to cry! “How did you know that,” she asked.

My question to you today is: Are you living your life on purpose…for you!

If writing a book is part of what makes you excited and is part or whole of living on purpose, then this is your time to write! Publishers are the public are ready…are you?

Until next time…be Brilliant and Courageous…Why Not?

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