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A Quick Guide to Get You Started Writing Your Book

Have you ever dreamed of writing a non-fiction book, but haven’t been able to get started?

You’re not alone! Aspiring authors face the challenge of being overwhelmed with a seemingly insurmountable list of tasks to complete before they can get that book off the ground.

You might be feeling stuck due to lack of time and clarity about the process of writing a book. You might be unsure how to focus and prioritize the steps you need to take, overwhelmed by the range of publishing and printing options… or finding yourself distracted by all the other activities vying for your attention.

Yet writing a book can be a worthwhile pursuit, and is an attainable goal for those who have faced, and overcome, the challenges of action paralysis. Here’s a few ways to make it happen:

First, break down your goal into manageable steps. Researching other non-fiction books in your niche is a great place to start. Gaining market insight into what topics are being discussed and resonating with readers in your field will help inform your own unique narrative and define a clear focus for your book.

By crafting an outline of the chapters you plan to write, you can easily keep track of your progress whilst ensuring each chapter meets the overarching theme of your book. Having a clear structure in place will help you stay focused by breaking your project into smaller, achievable objectives.

Don’t forget to plan ahead for the various aspects of getting your book published and printed. You’ll need to figure out who will be the target audience for your book, what type of delivery format is best-suited for them, and find the right printer to make it happen.

Despite the challenges posed by writing a non-fiction book, it is certainly possible for those who are willing to take action. With just a few steps in the right direction and lots of dedication, you can set yourself on track to achieving your goal. So don’t delay – take charge today and put your passions into action by writing that non-fiction book!

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