How are you doing with your January 2020 goals?

Remember the first of the year when you made all of these new goals and your hopes for a successful and healthy year ahead?

Well, “life” took an unexpected turn, as it usually does.

However, when you look back at the goals you made in January…are there ones that still hold true for you now?

Here’s a few of mine:

I wanted to connect and reconnect with people I haven’t seen or spoken to for a while, including friends, family and clients. Check!

I wanted to spend more quality time with my growing family. Check!

I wanted to organize all of my papers and content I’ve created over the years…leverage and monetize online with courses, programs, free downloadable gifts, etc.

I’m in the midst of that right now and I’ll be starting a program in a few weeks for those of you who want to organize, leverage and monetize your content.

You can connect with me to find out the details HERE. Check!

And, at the end of the day, what I realized is that all of these goals require an internal value system that lovingly strengthens my internal qualities and mindset to manifest my Intentions and Goals.

This Covid-19 and sheltering at home helped expedite those internal qualities and for that, I’m grateful!

All of this also has helped me embrace, at an even deeper level, how to BE and Live in the Unknown! And, as I surrender to the Unknown daily, I’m inspired by the possibilities and adventures of it all.

Intention for the month of May

My Intention is to be open to possibilities from all people, places and things that show up in my life. May I grow more loving, more compassionate, and more patient as I strive to live in the Present.
What is your Intention for this month?

Alicia Key’s new song, “Good Job”

Here’s a beautiful and very meaningful new song from Alicia Keys called “Good Job,” which debuted during CNN’s global town hall this week to help celebrate the health care professionals, front line workers, parents, teachers and everyone else who has stepped up during this unprecedented time.

Here’s to You and Your Brilliance,


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