Three Successful Ways to Introduce Yourself Online and Offline

Do you know that how you introduce yourself online as well as offline can actually attract new clients…or the reverse, distract from your expertise and who you are?

Most recently I was on a live zoom call and a friend was sitting listening to people introduce themselves. After the call she said, “Ruth, you really need to help many of these entrepreneurs introduce themselves. I didn’t really know what they did after they said who they were and when they spoke during the call, I couldn’t follow.”

If that isn’t a sign of “Synchronicity” I don’t know what is!

I’ve often shared with my clients that simply introducing yourself in person or online can easily connect with others who want to work with you.

Think about it for a moment…how many people on recent zoom calls or whom you met in person could have been your clients today?

Before I share with you the three steps to create a strong introduction that represents you and who you are, I want to share a few real stories with you as to what can happen for you when you simply introduce yourself online or offline.

All of these occurred within the last three months.

Offline #1: A few weeks ago I went for my walk and ended up going for coffee at an outside café. I saw someone reading a book with the word “conscious” in it and asked her what she was reading. It was a book written by John Mackey, the previous co-owner of Whole Foods.

I let her know that I’m an author and my most recent book came out. She asked the name of the book and my name and bought it right then and there.

Offline #2: The same thing happened when I was at an outside café in Morro Bay (3.5 hours away from home). This young couple had an adorable son and we just started talking. Before I knew it, the husband bought the book and wanted to know how he can follow me for his business and his adorable wife is going to help me promote my Social Mission: Universal Mom®…helping children and teens uncover their talents and brilliance through the art of writing.

Offline #3: I was standing in line waiting for my first vaccine shot two hours away from where I live…in Bakersfield. I heard the guy behind me say he was from LA and he had to come 200 miles from home to find a vaccine.

I turned around and started chatting. We became “vaccine buddies” and he bought my book right then. The best part though is that he’s a comedian and singer from NY and now lives in LA – we’re going to go Karaoke singing when things open up a little more and I’m so excited!!

Plus, I want to introduce him to a great gal in her early thirties, late twenties. He’s a catch!

Online #1: A colleague of mine invited me to a zoom call with a great group of professional entrepreneurs. On the call I received a private chat from one of the members saying she’d like to meet me. We chatted a few days later and she became a client.

Here’s the thing: I only introduced myself on the call!!

Online #2: It’s important to have your Brand clearly stated on all of your online platforms. I recently received a Facebook request to be part of a summit. She’s wasn’t a Facebook friend and connected with me via my online introduction! She had heard me on another summit/podcast.

Online #3: I collaborated with one of my past clients who has become a good friend and colleague for an online Mastermind zoom session with about 10 people. One of the people on the call evidently got in touch with me about 3 years ago and I don’t remember her as I was too busy to get back to her. Ouch!

We were both amazed that we experienced this “Synchronicity” on this call. What are the chances? She’s a book coach and is looking for “someone who is more advanced than she is in writing books to help coach her through writing her book and wants me to help her write her book!

How cool is that?

If I wanted, I could add that to my Branding…”I’m the Book Coaches’ Book Coach.” Hmmm…I kinda like it. The point here is to pay attention to what people are saying…wonderful Market Research!

My written version:

“My name is Ruth Klein and I’m a Brand Strategist, Book Coach and author of 7 bestselling books. My business is called Expert Celebrity Branding which means I do “Everything Brands and Books” to help entrepreneurs, CEO/s and experts gain Brand Visibility through a relevant and engaging brand so that they can attract their ideal clients, the media and sponsor opportunities.

I do this by identifying their Brand 360, whether it’s for Business or their Book…and your brand impacts everything!”

Exercise: Let’s break it down with the “I am template”

My name is ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­_____________ and I’m a_______________. My business is _____________ which means I _________________ to help __________

So that they _____________.

I do this by ___________

Step One: Write it all down using the “I am template.” It’s always easier to edit than to write more. Then, review it and edit it. Ask a friend what they think and write down their response. Ask a client and write down their response. This info or “market research” will be helpful.

Step Two: Identify what you’ll use in your written introduction and what you’ll use in your verbal introduction. The verbal needs to be less than your written intro.

My Written Intro: I would use all of the above for a speech intro; website; into via email, etc.

My Verbal Intro: I would take out the name of my company and I’d take out the last sentence…otherwise it’s too long and I’ve lost them!

Step Three: Converting Warm Leads and Referrals into Clients.

This is where the Relationship Marketing/Sales Conversation becomes critical. There are four parts to enrolling clients:

Four Parts to Converting Warm Leads/Referrals into Clients

Part One: The first part is listening as to what they want…and let them know that you heard them so they feel heard and understood.

Part Two: The second part is helping them see the vision of getting their challenges solved.

Part Three: The third part is helping them see the value that this solution(s) will create for them.

Part Four: The fourth part if helping them with your services or product if it’s a fit for both of you!

Now, it’s time to delve deeper into who you are; what you do; who you serve and the benefits of working with you.

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